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Kamis, 13 Februari 2014


1.    There’s a tiger ini my room..?
After a delicious dinner, Mr Asray watched TV in the restaurant lobby. Alas….the films were mostly about ghosts and ‘kuntilanak’, weeee…really scary. And so he went to his room to sleep. He noticed that the ceiling has started to tear because of rain wetaer seepage and there was a strange noise. Ah…it’s probably a mouse. Finally Mr Asray feel asleep..Not long afterwards, there was a loud heavy pounding noise from the ceiling. Boom…caboom meooow…ceettt..boom!..
and the torn ceiling fell apart..a mouse and a cat away where it landed on his sleeping friend. His poor elderly friend was so shocked that he jumped out of the bed screaming “Yeelllp! There’s a tiger in the”..that night they were running around the room thinking it was a tiger…..
2.    Fooled by new year’s siren
The New Years party of 31 December 2011 was lively at the restaurant lobby. But being old and tired, I was already fast asleep by 9 pm. Suddenly there was a Weeeeeng sound. A siren shrieked loudly. Fire !!... I thought, and immediately threw away my blanket and weari8ng only my shorts, I ran to muster Point no 1. Near the Muster Point, I met Mr Kacak who was baffled to see me running in panic.
“Where are you going, Mr..??” he asked. “ Didn’t you hear the siren?”. “oh THAT siren. That’s the siren welcoming the new year of 2012, Sir” Oh.. I was so embarrassed. I thought I was the most alert in sagety matters, when in fact I was simply fooled.

3.    Bolted from hospital in fear of injections and bills
In 1980..due to a miscommunication, the heater at the Senipah TPA (Terminal Process Area) exploded on activation. The result was catastrophic. An operator Mr Pungq, and his helper, Mr Kacak were thrown away and their skin peeled, horrifyingly. A gardener, Ary, had an eye injury in great panic, Ary ran as fast as he could to hide in the TPA forest. When the Safety team arrived to check on personnel, they found that a missing. Ary was finally found hiding in the forest. He was then treated at the Balikpapan pertamina Hospital. The next day the management team and his buddies came to visit him at the hospital, but to their surprise Ary had disappeared! The hospital was thoroughly searcher. Yance, his best friend, had the initiative to check Adi’s house. Seing him there, he asked Ary why he had fled from the hospital bills since he had not received his salary, and also because he was a newcomer from Manado.

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